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Oracle Corporation held an online press briefing for journalists
Company executives share Oracle's fiscal 2020 results in Russia and priorities for 2021
Министерство ИКТ и «Лаборатория Касперского» обсудили вопросы кибербезопасности
Anti-crisis PR: how to communicate business in a pandemic
Taufik Khisamov, General Director of Khisam Communications PR Agency, spoke about how companies can build a PR strategy and minimize losses in times of crisis.
What sources of news zoomers trust
Khisam Communications provelo issledovaniye, oprosiv boleye 100 molodykh lyudey v vozraste ot 18 do 21 goda, chtoby vyyasnit' kakim istochnikam informatsii oni doveryayut po teme pandemii koronavirusa.
Recommendations to PR specialists regarding the coronavirus pandemic
Taufik Khisamov presented 5 tips to PR specialists in connection with the coronavirus pandemic
Main media trends of Digital News Report 2019 from Reuters
Taufik Khisamov presented a summary of important research findings of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism